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I’m Dr. Erik Johnson and I’m proud of my knowledgeable, dedicated staff of techs / nurses. They are the best support team in Marietta, bar none. Some have been here for 20+ years, and most of my nurses stay until they start families, and babies ruin it up. (ha ha ha)

My specialty in treating your companion dogs and cats, is a logical / practical approaches to cases. For example, if your pet has an inoperable brain tumor, what logic (or what vet) compels you to spend another two thousand dollars finding out the tumor’s latin name? Do we really need to know exactly how deadly the tumor is, once we know that by its location and impact alone, it’s imminently deadly?

Another example: If your pet is 17 years old, are we worried about putting it on a medication that has long-range side effects as long as it creates immediate comfort?

Another example: Do you want your epileptic dog on the “latest-and-greatest-Western-fad” Keppra (which barely works at all) only to spend a few thousand dollars to figure out why it’s not working when (and until) Phenobarbital would work perfectly well, as it has for fifty years? Or thinking outside the box with zonisamide (which really works and is also ‘new’?)

We’re not talking shoddy medicine. We’re talking about experience, and not wasting a poor dog’s time-suffering, or an owner’s finances.  Veterinary medicine is fraught with fads and “the latest and greatest” and sadly, the simpler, older approaches often have the most predictably successful results.

Practicality:    Stopping the costly diagnostic algorithm as soon as you know there are no more TREATABLE conditions to find.

Practicality: Approaching a work-up by beginning with the most common disorder and working your way down instead of dumping the whole lab and pharmacy on every remote possibility on the first day.

Practicality: Giving you ALL your options from “top-shelf-spare-no-expense” across the board to “this is what happens if you do nothing” …And then I’ll share with you exactly what I would do if your pet is actually my own “Ajax“.

Thank you for considering my clinic for your pet’s needs. I will try not to let you down.

Our location is:

  • Johnson Veterinary Services
    3100 Roswell Road Suite #113
    Marietta GA 30062 
  • TEL (770) 977 5377
    FAX (770) 973 0301

That’s the corner of Roswell Road and Old Canton Road. Frankie’s Italian is in the same shopping center with us.

Hours of operation:

Monday and Thursday: 8:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m. (Sometimes we close a little earlier or a little later, please call)

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday: 8:00 a.m. til 12:00 p.m (Sometimes we close later, please call)

Wednesday and Sunday:   Closed.


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