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Grapes. Are they as bad as they say? What is it, actually, about grapes that makes them toxic? What are the odds of trouble? Why is there so much ‘hype’ in the media about it?

Want your dog to lose weight without (probably) changing foods? Here’s what your actually SUPPOSED to be feeding. How much do you want YOUR dog to weigh?

Why does my ‘tenderfoot’ ‘greenhorn’ little indoor dog or cat need to have a Rabies Shot? The answer might surprise you, It’s not just about “catching Rabies”.

Conjunctivitis in dogs. Pink sclera (the whites of the eyes) ain’t so white anymore.

When Should I Put My Dog or Cat To Sleep? An objective “test” or assessment to make sense of the decision including common pushbacks.

Shocking: The shocking truth about shock collars. Forget the euphemisms. Training collar? Yeah it’s that but it’;s a little static electrical ‘pop’ which is uncomfortable but teaches a fast lesson about stuff that might get the dog killed or disowned. Without making them hand shy and without yelling at them and stressing your relationship.

Why Won’t Dr Johnson *ever* prescribe through online pharmacies like PetMed?

Appetite Stimulation in dogs. Latest advances including a Ghrelin agonist. Mirtazipine.

Dental Exercise: Is it as easy as a Knucklebone? Not really. Not every dog will chew a knucklebone, and those don’t kill germs. Let’s look at the bigger picture.

Zymox: Why it’s so awesome and when specifically is it more awesome than usual? What the heck is it, even?

DHEA:  It’s great for very old dogs for strength, obesity, Cushing’s symptoms, mentation, and more. But it’s not entirely without side effects. The television vets may have missed some important facts in their haste to make headlines.

Dosing Chart – A great chart to keep track of your medicines.

Corneal Ulcers – Not just a “here’s your medicine, see ya’ kind of case.”

Post Nasal Drip Hack and Gack – Your dog’s diagnosis?

Dog Shots: Fact from…er…fiction? Here’s what I vaccinate my dog Ajax for, and exactly why.

Shampoo for Dogs. Nope they’re not all created equal and not all the shampoos I sell are better than the store. In fact, several human shampoos are better than anything the Veterinary manufacturers are producing. SHAMPOOS FOR DOGS

So if I had to advise a client / family member on what they should immunize their dog for and how, here’s what I would give them. My best thought on What Shots Your Dog Needs.

Cushing’s Disease. Is it a ‘thing’ with your dog? You should read this if I’ve mentioned it as a possibility. I’d wanna run a Low Dose Dex Test and a Urine test for a Cortisol Ratio.

Three Year Shot Cycles: Shock Value, Yammer or Solid Information? I think there’s truth in it. I think some television vets are engaging attention seeking behaviors and shock value –  and making broad assertions which are deeply flawed but other research highlighted in this article sustain the ideas.

Is your dog heavy? Maybe it’s as simple as the amount you’re feeding! You might not even have to change foods. Most people look at this chart and say; “Huh! My dog is overweight at 60lbs because I see I am feeding for 60lbs! And then scroll back to whatever the dog’s desired weight is. Dog Feeding Chart for Ideal Body Weight.

Dogs get fat after spay. Is it the spay, or is it an owner not paying attention to the calories?  This study seems to show a metabolic effect exerted by the age a pet is spayed. Where such association doesn’t exist. FATSPAY

Pumpkin. My clinical experience is that if a dog has a loose stool, adding pumpkin can form it up. If the dog has a hard stool, pumpkin can loosen it up. How does THAT happen? Well, the fiber in pumpkin can move a bowel towards normal, from whichever end of the spectrum it’s at.

Epilepsy is an overwhelming condition and hits the pet owner hard. and there’s no ONE way to handle these cases. Here’s how I do it.  EPILEPSY IN DOGS

There are five different “levels” of weight management. From mild to aggressive. How important is it, to lose how much weight and how fast? Here are five different feeding types with ever-increasing rates of weight loss.  FIVEWAYSTOFEEDFATTIES

This is the way a dog can go from running, to crippled in a week, and it happens to someone’s dog about once a month.  KNEEBUSTER

Is your dog itching? It can be fleas or just the AIR! Chances are your dog’s going to be itchy from time to time for life, so it’s good to understand it comprehensively.  ITCHY

Cats and gifts. Do you know what it means when a cat brings you a mouse with no head? You will after reading this article.  CATGIFTS

Slow Heart Rate or bradycardia. Personal / professional notes

Is your dog on heartworm preventative? Possibly not, if it lives exclusively indoors. Well that’s a common mistake. Here’s an article about heartworm disease that won’t insult your intelligence and that’s NOT written by a marketing weasel. HEARTWORMS

Urinary Incontinence and it’s control with PPA / Proin / Phenylpropanolamine

SMOG. Why in the summer do dogs and cats get runny eyes, itchy feet and bellies, a cough, dry scratchy throats, and dry coats? It’s an inversion in the weather that pushes a smog bank right down onto us at ground level. Here it’s explained and what you can do. SMOG

Back end problems. Your dog’s down in the back end, trouble getting up and it’s about time to have to carry him out to the bathroom. He just about cannot get up. Common story and you should understand the factors involved and why and in what ways we can, and can’t help your dog.  BACKEND

Cytopoint is a monthly shot a dog can get to stop it from itching. It works. In 90+ percent of cases. Here’s how it works and the rest of the disclosures on it. This is a video. CYTOPOINT

Have you ever seen a person with a fat dog who worries about getting it to eat? A fascinating fact: Dogs barely eat because they are fat. Not because they don’t like their food. Finding a food that your dog will eat is the (literally) worst thing you can do for your dog when he starts to “not eat much”.  FATPICKY

An overview of diarrhea in dogs and cats. It’s a diagnostic challenge and then it’s a black box and a fair amount of educated guess. DIARRHEA

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