My Promise

My Promise is SOOOOO Simple

“I will treat your pet exactly as I would my own, no more, and no less. If my pet doesn’t need it, neither does yours. Ajax is my best friend.”

I promise to examine your pet VERY thoroughly. Every system every time. Whether your pet comes in for an ear infection or itchy skin, I’ll check eyes, ears, skin coat teeth gums abdomen hips and knees muscle mass fat% and weight, color CRT hydration cardiac and chest, nodes nails and undertail and notice any masses. EVERY time. Because I’ve been at this for more than twenty years and I’ve felt the pain of having a client call back and ask “Did you notice the mass in my dog’s mouth when I had him in for itching last month?” And right then and there, I decided to do the same exam, on every dog or cat, every time, regardless of complaint or disorder. So there’s that.

And I promise to give you ALL your options, from

  1. Doing nothing and what will probably happen. Sometimes it’s not bad.
  2. Seeing a specialist who will _____, _______, and _____.
  3. Working a case up here if it’s appropriate not to see a specialist. (Whichever is the best for the pet).
  4. Finally:  “What I would do if this pet were mine. Or my brother’s. Or sister in laws.” Based on statistical outcome, odds of success, age of the dog, costs, realistic goals and pet suffering which can be different from pain but just as awful..

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