Welcome to the home page of Johnson Veterinary Services

Our location is:

Johnson Veterinary Services
3100 Roswell Road Suite #113
Marietta GA 30062

That’s the corner of Roswell Road and Old Canton Road. Frankie’s Italian is in the same shopping center with us.

TEL (770) 977 5377
FAX (770) 973 0301

Hours of operation:

Monday and Thursday: 8:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m. (Sometimes we close a little earlier or a little later, please call)

Tuesday, Saturday and Friday: 8:00 a.m. til 12:00 p.m (Sometimes we close later, please call)

Wednesday and Sunday:   Closed.

Resources of value:


[x] Weight Loss via Inexpensive Diet Dog Food http://johnsonvet.com/weightloss/
[x] One time ear treatment, nothing to apply at home. 90% Cure in one application. http://johnsonvet.com/Claro
[x] Conditioner Spray for the Dry Skin factor in itchy dogs. http://johnsonvet.com/pantene/
[x] Thyroid May Be A Factor For Your Dog. http://johnsonvet.com/thyroid/
[x] Similasan soothes minor eye irritation about as safely as prescriptions do. Allergy Eye is okay. The one in this resource is better. http://johnsonvet.com/similasan/
[x] You don’t have to live with incessant barking. http://johnsonvet.com/barking/
[x] Home Made Diet, Carb Based, Complete Nutrition. Recipe and Instructions. http://johnsonvet.com/homecooking/