Variations on “The Emory Protocol” by Dr Erik Johnson

As some of you know, I’ve borrowed some technology from Emory University pain professionals to avoid narcotic pain medication in dog arthritis.

So, sometimes we need to create a medicine cocktail that controls pain without making a dog into a staggering zombie. Emory had a good idea with their patients using three medications that I’ve been using in Vet Medicine for a long time. Only, it was Emory’s idea to use them in tandem. (All three)

But there are variations. Look at what I am talking about:

As you probably surmised: Emory Protocol is a starting point with a high success rate but a mess of dogs end up in their own different “parking places” as DERIVATIVES of it for example.
1) Derramax, Tramadol and Gabapentin <= starting
2) Derramax, Tramadol and Gabapentin PLUS methocarbamol
3) Derramax, Tramadol and Methocarbamol (Dropped Gaba)
4) Derramax and Tramadol only (The old way)
5) Methocarbamol only (Successful but discovered by accident) (Some dogs)
6) Derramax and Methocarbamol (Dogs with more muscle pain than nerve pain) (Can’t tell when you start out)
7) Any of the above plus Stardust Chews.

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