“Sandy at DogSchool 101”

Got a big dog like, a German Shepherd with some “issues” by chance?

In 1996 I opened my clinic here at Crossroads and met these gals, Sandy and Xalina. They had “Dog School 101” and gave lessons to my dog Bailey way back when. So I was impressed.

They’re still doing it –  at least, Sandy is. And because I know her and she is crazy about German Shepherds, she’s my go-to referral for this often-nervous, hard-headed breed. That’s her “jam” and you will get a lot out of her training. I’d call her first and let her meet your GSD.

2171 Kingston Ct  Suite I Marietta, GA 30067
PHONE:   770-850-8383
FAX:   770-850-8382
Sandy Watson
Certified Trainer- Georgia Department of Education Commission
Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Approved Evaluator of the AKC Good Citizen Program
Registered Delta Society Pet Partners Team
Member of the Georgia Canine Coalition
Member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of North Georgia

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