Questions For Raw Diet Research 2019

Does beef have a different amino acid profile then chicken? Chicken is thoroughly bled at slaughter is there enough iron in it?
Is there an inexpensive fish that might be supplemented in the diet?
If you put fish in the diet does that meet some of the essential fatty acid requirements?
What is the difference overall in feeding breast meat versus thighs versus whole chicken leg quarters?
What are they finding to be true about dogs that were at one time thought to be allergic to chicken or beef protein, when they go on a raw diet based on those proteins?
What is the “food allergy“ actually an adverse food reaction to those meats that were rendered, by products, feather meal, or otherwise over processed?
Do dogs have the same metabolic pathway that causes them to convert protein with an amino acid imbalance into fat? If the diet is formulated incorrectly do you see fatty liver syndrome?
What is the incidence of diarrhea in dogs that switch to raw diet?
Did anyone actually do the math on how much to feed the dog in order to arrive at the recommendation of 1 to 3% of its body weight?
Or did they actually calculate the number of grams of protein needed for 10 pounds or 20 pounds and then figure out how many pounds of food would be needed to give that many grams of protein?
In nature, dogs preferentially like the liver and other fatty organs.
Are we sure that the ratio of fat to protein shouldn’t be reversed over what is being published now? Maybe it’s supposed to be 60% fat 30% protein and 10% carbohydrate, and then they would only have to eat a half a percent of their body weight?
Are we sure there will be enough iron? What happens to the dog that has not been fed meat, and does not have the microbiota to effectively processed meat? Take a look at micro biome assays that show dogs may not have micro biome or carbohydrate nor micro biome or reach metabolism.
If a dog gets diarrhea when starting a raw diet or during a raw diet, have they found that antibiotic such as metronidazole are necessary or is it purely an issue of mitigating the motility of the G.I. tract?
Is fresh meat decidedly better than frozen and then thawed meat?
Is organ meat such as kidney and liver actually that good for a dog?
Is kidney actually very nutritional at all?
Is beef tongue mostly fiber or is it a viable meat?

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