Dogs getting fat after spay. I hate it when newspaper reporters interpret study results.

  • Studies have proven that spaying before the first heat prevents cancer the best (Knocks it down to 1%) (After the first heat, it doubles to a meager 2%)
  • Studies prove that spaying after the first heat results in better urinary tract health.
  • Studies prove that not spaying at all extends dogs lives. (Not considering weight)
  • Studies prove that spaying the dogs extend lives.  (Considering cancer, not weight)
  • Studies prove that spaying dogs makes them fat. (Not considering calories fed)

Dr Johnson’s Genius-Take On All This:    Spayed dogs can get fat. Fat dogs always suffer eventual bone and joint problems. How could a news paper reporter mess THAT up? Well they do.

Spaying At Different Ages Causes Different Risks for Obesity

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