Dog Farts – Using Gas-X for that.

Sure, you can call it “passing gas” or “Flatus” or half a dozen other funny things. But it’s farting. Everyone knows that word. Stop it with the euphemisms.

The call comes in a lot, can I use “Beano” for excessive gas? And the answer is:  When it was made with Simethicone, you could. but the recipe has changed. Fine.

Gas-X is made with simethicone.

It is CRUCIAL that you don’t just “accept” gas without knowing the dog is completely healthy. Bad gas with diarrhea, vomiting or depression, loss of appetite is a serious thing. Maybe even deadly.

But you bounding, happy, eating and pooping Boxer with ‘room-clearing-farts’ is a good candidate for Gas-X

Dosing chart and explanation for Gas-X in dogs.

Doc Johnson


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