Don’t Board at the Vets.

Board your pets at a boarding facility made for boarding, socializing and fun.
In 1995 when I opened my veterinary hospital I made an extremely expensive decision. I decided I was not going to board animals at my hospital. By all estimates that has cost me more than $4.7 million since then.
It’s just because I have worked at veterinary hospitals since I was 16 years old and if avoidable, you don’t put healthy animals in the hospital with sick ones. I want my dog to be handled by people with time to pay attention to the boarding process and not distracted by medicine cases and appointments, and I don’t want some high-school kid with germy hands taking my dog out for a brief walk before racing back in to help the doctor.
As a customer I would also be inclined to take-a-pass on the ‘free exam’ a few Vets might offer all boarding pets; because such exams can lead to frivolous diagnoses and treatments that me and my regular Vet might very well have left alone, or were already being managed more cost-effectively “our way”.
In summary: Next time you’re in Atlanta, stay at the Radisson, not upstairs at Grady. It’s safer and lots more fun.
I don’t board pets and that’s for them, certainly not for me. I believe this almost five million dollars strong. That’s putting your money where your mouth is.
Dr Erik Johnson

Johnson Vet Services 2023