Amazon Review of CBD Chews / Gummies

Taken with an Advil, my headaches are relieved!
A couple Gummies with an Alleve = no more back pain for 8 hours.
Three Gummies and my glasses = 20:20 vision instantly!!!
Two gummies and a pair of gloves = Instantly improved circulation to my fingers and warmth on a winter morning!!
I even ate three Gummies and hopped on an inner tube and floated across the water…. like a god.
These Gummies are PACKED with pure “effectiveness-granules” that, along with a bar of soap? Can make you clean and fresh smelling in like, five minutes.
How have I lived this long without them!?!? I don’t know, because withOUT two Gummies and oxygen: I would die in under 4 minutes.
I hope they never stop making them.
(Doc: Do you sort of get my overall impression of CBD; the single greatest placebo slash mass-delusion-sham perpetrated on mankind since the Ouiji-board, magnet-therapy and mind-reading?)

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