8 Year Old Dog With Mast Cell Cancer – Amputee – Gaining Weight

So hey! We talked about a lot yesterday.
Take all of the following as ‘helpful’ and not as a directive. I approach cases like “What I would do if this were Ajax” all things considered. But you have an oncologist. And they have a plan. Whether or not you do something else – or extra, or less, is a judgment call.
His diet: Without changing (Name redacted) diet, could cut the amount down to 3/4 kitchen cup twice a day to bring his weight down. (He would move towards 50 pounds) We should “sort of” see some muscle in the flank and a little bit of rib. That wouldn’t be a big deal for a guy with all four legs at his age. But the lighter he is, the slower his right (front leg) “wrist” will bend down and become a “thing”  (Note the angle his ‘wrist’ is at when he’s bearing weight)
There are three main reasons DHEA would be good for (Name redacted)
  1. He takes Prednisone every other day as part of his Mast Cell cancer chemo. That creates some Pred side effects including carbohydrate metabolism issues, which can be offset with careful use of DHEA.
  2. DHEA also has antitumor effects. (Link to page 16 DHEA Book) (Second link) (Third link a Google Search)
  3. DHEA also accelerates conversion of fat to muscle and a net weight loss (fat weight) of at least 1.3% of body weight per month without even dieting (DHEA and Weight)
(Name redacted) could get as much as 100mg DHEA (keto 7) twice a day x 6 weeks then 1x daily x 6 months
We talked a little bit about THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol) effect on cancer cells. (Video: Dr Johnson on How Cannabis Kills Cancer cells)
And about how to make Oil (This is passworded – and the password is “xxx” without quotes. I just tried it and it worked.
This is a lot to take in. I hope if you have any concerns or questions you will ask!
Doc Johnson

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