Zymox Enzymatic “Cleaner” (Ear Remediation)

Downloadable or online-readable PDF about Zymox and why I am recommending it to you.

Especially after a successful Claro treatment.


After Claro treatment there’s four realizations:

  1. Your dog is not like other dogs, for whatever reason, they’re (genetically/breed?) prone to ear infections.
  2. Your dog may have a lifestyle that contributes to ear infections, for example: Swimming. Tiny ear holes. Too much hair.
  3. For a LOT of dogs, ear infections come from #ATOPY and that’s chronic
    1. com/atopy
  4. Your dog’s ear “environment” has just been cannon-balled by strong medication to achieve ‘wellness’ and needs help restoring a proper pH and bacterial balance.

Zymox is scarcely more than an (ear-appropriate) oil-base which lifts excess wax off the walls of the ear canals and restores the proper pH and bacterial colonies which actually belong in the ear.

  • It’s squalene, and that’s water repellent making it awesome for swimmers.
  • Squalene makes the ear canal too slickery to hold onto dark wax.
  • It has enzymes which digest organics, break down wax, and inhibit/outcompete yeast organisms and untoward germs.
  • It has compounds to down-regulate the acidity in the ear.

All you do is just apply a little (like oiling a clock or oil on a whetstone, just a bit) Zymox to both ears on days of the week containing a “T” for example Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Or of course, any three days a week you can remember.

You don’t have to wipe, rub or anything. Just a few drops to create a slight glisten, and you’re good.

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