Unthrifty Pointer With Loss of Condition – Seems nutritional

Ehhhhh He will probably do very well on that. Wayyyyyy better than ‘dog food’ But… The ratios on their diets are 55% protein 45% fat 1% fiber 0% carbs
It reads 15:13:1 because they did it “as fed basis” which is perfectly fine.
Meh. I am as interested in his well-doing as you are. Unbelievable, and that’s okay.
Only their “Turkey Grind Meal” really approximates “the best” raw nutrient ratios.
I wish they had a 60% protein 30% fat and 7% carbs and 3% fiber formulation.
For NOW, *raw* (and even an expensive*ly* fatty raw) is good as he *has some catching up to do.*
Maybe they have something formulated to 60:30:7:3 And I missed it. I looked at everything they had, I thought.
It’s important that he’s: *Been empirically dewormed* *Gets digestive enzyme on every feeding* *Gets sulfasalazine* *A multivitamin*
There are two other things we could do, but BABY STEPS! Heh heh heh
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