THC Causes Cancer Cells to Age Out by Calling Out Their Cerumide Production.

Exactly how cancer is killed by THC. (Video)

In a nutshell –  THC tells all cells in the body to “age out” meaning every cell in the body has a genetically programmed “life span” and using a Red Blood Cell as an example, they live exactly 120 days then they “die” and are recycled.

What if you had a chemical that would tell EVERY cell in the body to age-out and die, accelerating the process to “right now”?

That’s what THC does. It causes the enzymes that precipitate “aging out” which are “cerumides” and the cerumides would build up and the cell would die.

Here’s the MAGIC.

All your NORMAL cells can ignore the CERUMIDE ACTIVATION caused by THC because they are normal non cancerous cells. But cancerous cells don’t have normal protective systems. They (JUST cancer cells) cannot resist the call to “age out” and their cells fill up with cerumides and they DIE.

Badaboombaddabing. Cancer dies out. ESPECIALLY cancers in highly vascular areas like Leukemias and Stage IV types.


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