Soaks and Soaking A Dog or Cat’s Foot

How to Soak a Dog or Cat’s Foot in Epsom Salts.

Sometimes a dog can lick a wound to keep it clean. Sometimes you have to get involved and clean the wound for the pet. Sometimes it’s too crusty and painful to handle,  but you can soak it. And sometimes, that’s enough. If you’re reading this, it means that I thought a lesion on a foot or leg would Epsom-soak to wellness. And so, here’s how that works.

As a side note: They did a study that showed that if you hot soak a lesion for less than 5 minutes it doesn’t make a difference to blood flow in the lesion. And if you soak it MORE than 12 minutes, it doesn’t improve blood flow more than less. So, I typically advise 8 -10 minutes.

I also believe that any little bit you get away with it better than nothing. After all, at least it softens  crusts, right?


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