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Mine is a one vet business* so we’re not 50 hours a week. If we had two vets, that would be entirely feasible. AS SUCH, we close noonish on days other vets are open all day. That’s a ‘thing’ for some people and I ‘feel your pain’ very much – but it’s not a “one-star-worthy” knick. So when people one-star me with “He was closed when I came by” it’s kind of harsh?

*Advantage to a one-vet clinic is that the case-awareness and approach are the same every time – the same level of success, experience and intent – are consistent. With tongue-in-cheek I also point out that it’s hard to get a second opinion in a one-person vet clinic ha ha ha. Hopefully we’re successful enough never to need it, but I am prone to refer to specialists who can do better than me without you having to guess one. 


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