Review II

Thank you for considering a review of Johnson Vet Services. I really appreciate it.

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Before you do, here are some things to consider.

I’ve been getting knicked on my hours which are short on some days. So, (for example) people assume I’m open on a Friday or Tuesday afternoon but I’ve left at noon. That’s posted, of course. But still, I understand it would make sense that a typical clinic would be open five days a week [9-5] but we run differently as a one-vet practice. Mea culpa.

The second thing I get knicked on is my followup. So, I order a blood test or a biopsy and when the results come back, I call the sick and compromised cases with an immediate action item promptly. And, I admit, sometimes I get sidetracked from results that are healthy-normal.  I can’t stand it when my doctor adopts a ‘no news is good news’ approach. So I don’t intend to do that with my clients. I intend to give you a call with ANY results. But if I forget – that’s why almost all my customers have my personal email address. 

*Advantage to a one-vet clinic is that the case-awareness and approach are the same every time – the same level of success, experience and intent – are consistent. With tongue-in-cheek I also point out that it’s hard to get a second opinion in a one-person vet clinic ha ha ha. Hopefully we’re successful enough never to need it, but I am prone to refer to specialists who can do better than me without you having to guess one. 


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