Raw Diet 2019 Dashboard

On that page there are tons of resources including the basic studies I based my diet on.
Some discussion about the fact and fiction I encountered.
The most common ball drops in the arena of raw diet are:
Poor meat choices (hamburger for example)
Too much calcium (more than 1/2 to1 complete egg shell)
Not enough fiber (Needs 3% or around that) (Fiber source in my diet recipe is a prebiotic / soluble fiber source)
Not enough carbohydrate (Yogurt also provides probiotics)
Leaving bones in, is at your own risk. I mean, I support it. But still, it kind of freaks me out to leave bones in.
Attached’s the Flank Steak formulation – which uses more chicken than Flank steak but the red meat matters. There’s a chart at the bottom with the weight of the dog, and how many times to multiply the diet to make a weeks worth.
And the last:  A MUST SEE 

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