Rage – Look At These Feet. Allergies / Atopy SO BAD

I honestly believe this dog should either be on TONS of steroids, AND OR be fed raw.
They’ve tried everything so far including an allergist who has tested the dog for antibodies to food and pollen – and even done hypo-sensitization shots and here Rage is. Still suffering.
I want them to look at ATOPY <johnsonvet.com/atopy>
And check out *RAW DIET information <johnsonvet.com/raw-diet-2019-dashboard/>*
These clients are in Florida so they’re not adjacent enough to my clinic to be seen here. But I feel so bad for that dog. I’d even use *Apoquel <johnsonvet.com/apoquel/>*on it.
[image: IMG_5971_rage_donahue_atopy_allergies_pyoderma.JPG]

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