Not needing another dental saves you dollars, and saves the dog the aggravation.

The short read:

  • There’s a treat (we have them) that coats the teeth and makes them impervious to re-accumulation of tartar. Seriously, stop laughing I am not making this up.
  • They are called Oravet Chews.

Sidebar: Oravet Chews are not usually recommended until after the teeth are optimized. There is no point in coating crappy teeth.

The longer read:

You can “coat” the freshly cleaned teeth super easily every day and literally never need a dental scaling again.

Oravet Chews are basically a “plastic” (huge oversimplification) coating for teeth that is applied via a simple chewy treat. I wish I had invented it.

The dog chews up this teal-colored, chew enzyme-rich treat and it sticks to their teeth…..deliciously.

By the time they get it chewed and swallowed, the teeth have been enzymatically “cleaned” and coated with the bioactive ‘wax’ for the day. I mean, I don’t know, maybe days but Ajax has one a day after his morning walk.

Is this salesy? You know I hate being “salesy” because it’s just not my style but this is something that honestly, a person would be more-within-their-rights to speculate that the reason we did not recommend this after the dental was so we could line up another dental, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Your dog’s dental was done to topple infection and pain in their mouth. No one cares how the teeth LOOK. In that vein, keeping the teeth germ free and the gum line protected is the “thing” entirely.

Oravet Chews Especially After a Dental Scaling (download or read PDF)

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