A Good Muzzle For The Average Big Dog

There are a ton of good muzzles. I bought and tried numerous of them and each had strengths and weaknesses. Some had serious problems. It’s important that they fit, and that you put them on correctly. I’ve made those two mistakes. Wrong size, put on wrong. So be careful.

I found the following muzzle to be the best for most dogs at home. (Here at the clinic we use a slightly different one because they don’t wear them long.)

JeonbiuPet Dog Muzzle, Silicone Adjustable Basket Muzzle for Dog Anti-Chewing and Anti-Barking Allows Drinking and Panting

Size 1: Snout 7-8″(18-21cm) – Support 3.3-11 lbs (1.5-5kg)
Size 2: Snout 8-10″(21-26cm) – Support 8.8-27.5 lbs (4-12.5kg)
Size 3: Snout 10-12″(26-30cm) – Support 22-55 lbs (10-25kg)
Size 4: Snout 12-13.5″(30-34cm) – Support 49.6-82.6 lbs (22.5-37.5kg)
Size 5: Snout 13.5-14.5″(34-37cm) – Support 82.6-121 lbs (37.5-55kg)
Size 6: Snout 15-17″(38-43cm) – Support 121-154 lbs (50-70kg)

My sixty pounder, Ajax, takes the size 4. Note: The little strap that goes over the top of the head is important. As is the correct relative-snugness of the piece that goes around the neck. If you put it on too tight it mushes the nose and it’s not necessary. Too loose, though, and the dog’s out of it!   Take your time. Once it’s adjusted to your dog’s face and neck, it stays that way and just clips on and off without repeated adjustment.

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