Fluoxetine Hypersedation and Other Options Including Zylkene

Regarding hypersedative effects of Fluoxetine
I heard that Fuoxetine may have ameliorated itching! Interesting!
Or, that when the medicine stopped, she started itching again, but this is the time of year for ATOPIC ITCHING <johnsonvet.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Atopy.pdf> to resume / worsen – so….coincidence?
Either way
Fluoxetine is the ‘drug of choice’ for prevailing anxieties but apparently she remained hypersedated on that, even though you gave it out 30 days – which (NORMALLY) a dog adapts and brightens a mere 2-3 weeks into the course.
A wise choice would be to reduce dose – for a period of time, and see if we get benefits without hypersedation. You can cut the daily dose down – or dose half as often. We have a smaller capsule to try.
Additional resources –
*My Articles / resources related to anxieties <johnsonvet.com/calm/>* –
There are herbals, a milk-protein isolate, and other pharmacy items that work. But first, try half-dose Fluoxetine by itself.
Here’s a thought: If you dose the Fluoxetine at a lower dose and want to bump the EFFECT a little, you could consider the Zylkene as mentioned in the above. Heather has Zylkene on the shelf up here. And if you love it – we can move Kona over the the bulk / equine size stuff for the long term. I mean, chances are half dose Fluoxetine on the daily will ‘do it’
Please let me know about your success or any stalls you encounter. That’s the point of email. Better husbandry and results through feedback.
Many thanks!
Doc Johnson

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