Flintstones Multivitamin for Dogs

So, over the years Flintstones have been formulated with (and without) Xylitol. Xylitol has been associated with bad outcomes for dogs. In other words, it’s regarded as toxic. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never seen a case. And the media blows stuff out of proportion. But let’s go with Xylitol as a legitimate canine toxicity.

So, make sure the Flintstones you get is NOT of some revised formulation – with Xylitol. What you want is in the label here.  Sorbitol or Mannitol are okay for dogs.

Dose 1/2 tablet per day for dogs under 25 pounds. If you’re dosing someone under 10 pounds, consider 1/4 tablet. And give 1 tablet per day for dogs over 25 pounds up to 90 pounds. 90+ pounds, I guess you could go with 1-1/2 or something. Frankly, they get most of the vitamins they need from their food, but old dogs absorb water soluble vitamins (especially vitamin B) more poorly as they get older. Hyper-supplementation is good so they can absorb less than half of what they get and still get enough.

Flintstones Complete *AND* Flintstones With Iron –  BOTH contain Iron. Both are fine for dogs. Both are dosed the same. Here are their labels. You can see that Flintstones COMPLETE is a little “better” than the Flintstones With Iron. No biggie.


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