DHEA in dogs. Not exactly what the television Vets thought….

DHEA is a “hormone” in the body of people and animals that mimics the effects of your strength / metabolism hormones:  Testosterone for men, Estrogen for women. When we spay or neuter dogs and cats, their DHEA is eliminated. There’s an eventual price to be paid in their health way down the road. Replacement of DHEA to older dogs is FAR more impactful in dogs than in people because people produce DHEA on their own (although in declining amounts with age).

Given to dogs in their older years, there are very significant benefits to be had in terms of strength, body condition, competition for receptors in Cushing’s disease, offsetting Cushing’s symptoms, obesity adjustment and even cancer fighting abilities.

Journalists and Freelance Writers for such reputable scientific (ha ha ha ha!!!) journals as the New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, Men’s Health and USA Today all theorize (cut-and-paste, btw) that DHEA may potentiate cancers but scientists have shown DHEA is actually anti-cancer, curative at high doses.

Sound too good to be true? Sort of. There’s a down side (1:2000 odds adverse) you need to know before you go out and buy a bottle of pills from a Television Vet like Dr Becker.


DHEA 2019 The Updated DHEA Sheet With the Past 6 Months Feedback / Results

DHEA Client Sheet (2018) by itself, a one page download. Or read online. Dosing included. 

DHEA Flipbook for reading online (not download)

DHEA “the book” for download which has the basic Client Info Sheet, then the Doc’s Notes, and then the scientific research. *

*This information is presented for educational purposes and author does not claim any right to the documents included with the article. What you will read is a patent application with the latest information on DHEA in animals by Dr. Jeffrey Nyce.

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