Convergence of Two Studies = One cognitive / dementia and one in support of DHEA supplementation

The following compounds can be supplemented for MEASURABLE improvements in cognition and offsetting onset and severity of dementia Many of the same compounds can be supplemented to prevent potential negative effects of DHEA on various metabolic enzyme systems.
Here’s the list.
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin E x 2
Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C x 2
SAM-e (
CoEnzymeQ10 / Ubiquinones (
L-Dopa Natural L-Dopa (99% Extract) 350mg – Mucuna Pruriens Extract Formula (2 bottles 120 capsules) (
Potassium nitrate (Salt peter) (May even be a ‘thing’ as low as 10mg/kg orally)
Geraniol : (terpenoids) Most prolific natural source is palmarosa oil.
Beta carotene (redundant to carotenoids) (Krill oil w/ astaxanthin)
Lipoic Acid – Alpha-lipoic acid – 250-600mg per day – Is just Lipoic acid.
Resveratrol (Flavonoids)
EPA + DHA Omega 3,6 oil

+DHEA A lot of data shows that we only need to take a lot less than I thought. Like, 25-50mg per day. One study gave a single, moderate dose and followed people for 40 days and saw similar benefits to daily.

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