CBD in Cats

CBD is good for cats that have

  • Gotten peevish about a cat housemate
  • Gotten peevish about any housemate
  • Gotten peevish about being on a diet
  • Gotten peevish about their litter box
  • Gotten peevish about one of your relatives visiting
  • Gotten peevish about not being allowed to go outside
  • Gotten old and then doing that “night pacing and yeowling” thing.

Basically, CBD is good for when cats are, well,   …being cats. Peevish.

Buy a bottle of CBD. Either a 300mg (10mg/ml) which will last 30-60 days or a 750mg (25mg/ml) which will last 75 – 150+ days.

Dosing cats: Give 5mg once or twice a day.

To get 5mg out of the 300mg vial:   Just give 0.50 ml once or twice a day.

To get 5mg out of the 750mg vial: Just give 0.20 ml once or twice a day.

What’s the proper ROUTE to give the CBD tincture? Why aren’t pet chews the best way to give CBD? 

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