Case: Abby, 13 y.o Labrador Having Trouble in Hind Legs

“Abby” is almost 14 years old, weighing 80 pounds. She’s been healthy most of her life and is weak in the hind legs. She may lose 5-10 pounds and be better able to maneuver on the legs as they decline. She isn’t in “pain” but does have some of the factors below, contributing to difficulties.

Case recommendations:

Relative to “back ends” and what we can, and cannot reasonably do for an old-timer:
There are about five factors as to why a dog is having trouble moving around on the hind legs. We can control some of those factors. Here are those factors. 
Dogs already on Deramax may be benefited by additional medications. Emory University uses THREE medications in tandem and is getting relief on par with a narcotic pain killer.
Phycox is one additional “medicine” (not a medicine) that augments arthritis management. It is “special” because it contains Glucosamine, PLUS vitamins PLUS antioxidants. It ‘plays well with others’ including Deramax.
We talked about calming effects of different homeopathics, and also about Alpha Casozepine. There was a roundtable discussion with the best vets in the US on anxieties in dogs and stuff that can be done about it.
Abby’s dose on DHEA is 100mg twice a day — x 6 weeks. Then 1x daily x 6 months. This is intended to accelerate some weight loss, and strengthen her resolve and the muscles in her back legs. 
This is the exact DHEA she should be on. It’s the Keto-7 and it has an additional 25mg regular DHEA.

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