Canine Ptosis, Bell’s Palsy, Horner’s Syndrome and Aging.

Canine Ptosis, Bell’s Palsy, Horner’s Syndrome and Aging.

I had a case of canine ptosis (fifth facial nerve malfunction) which causes the eye on the affected side to be unable to reflexively blink, and the lip(s) to droop. Drooling on that side of the face is common. Thyroid (and aging and bad luck) are often factors. Inner ear infections, trauma over a bony prominence, or some concussion or impingement of the fifth facial nerve emerging through the base of the skull or as it radiates up the side of the face are common causes as well.

Thyroid Information  (Thyroid can be a factor in weight issues, Horner’s, Bell’s, premature aging, thin skin and heat seeking behaviors, excessive panting.
DHEA Information, what it is, what it does, how it effects weight. Weight loss, (while dieting) and a conversion of body metabolism from fatty to lean, are hallmarks of DHEA supplementation.
A Supplement with Bacopa, Valerian and St. John’s (Non opiate / narcotic calming homeopathy.)
A Very Similar Supplement with Bacopa, Valerian and St. John’s to be compared on price. May be the exact same tablet packaged by a different distributor.
Barbara Altman. at Stardust Chews which are THC Chews for dogs. She’s Los Angeles based. THC is legal there, and can be shipped via United Parcel Service.

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