Can That Lady Really Bring That Rottweiller Into This Preschool?

Can That Lady Really Bring That Rottweiler Into This Preschool?

Yeah, pretty much. And that other lady can feed her three Chihuahuas from the table in a restaurant.

There are some limitations, most of which are “common sense”. They can’t bark their heads off. She can’t seat them at the table. And the if the Rottweiler is in the LEAST bit assertive, businesses, organizations and venues can require them to leave the animal outside.

The airlines have even LESS control over what they have to allow than restaurants and hotels.

Do commercial airlines have to comply with the ADA?
A: No. The Air Carrier Access Act* is the Federal law that protects the rights of people with
disabilities in air travel. For information or to file a complaint, contact the U.S. Department
of Transportation, Aviation Consumer Protection Division, at 202-366-2220.

service_animal_qa <= This is the Federal Government’s ADA position on Support Dogs. This document does not control airlines and Support Dogs. See below for that document.

*service_animals_airlines <= this is the Federal Government’s ACAA position on Support Dogs on planes.

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