Back End Problems in Dogs

Why do I need to understand this? 

Well, chances are at least in a larger dog, “going down in the back legs” will be that dog’s undoing. It OFTEN is and usually that’s not the owner’s fault. After they start REALLY failing in the back end, they can’t make it outside to poop and then the house-mess starts and for most owners, that’s a story-ender. They’re not going to watch a dog struggle to get up, AND poop on themselves. And I’d agree.

So the reason it’s VERY IMPORTANT you “get it” about “back end problems” is because it’s a FIVE factor thing, and we can only put the brakes on a couple of those factors.

So what are the factors? What can we do? What CAN’T we do?

Here’s the ARTICLE please consider downloading it. But you can read it online as a PDF too.

Back End and Leg Problems – Degenerative Myelopathy – Blanket Term for “Down in the Back Legs” 


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