Atopy and Chronic Bacterial Pyoderma in the Canine Skin

“This dog will NOT stay out of pyoderma more than 12 weeks. As soon as one infection clears up, his skin breaks out again.”

Thinking about chronic pyoderma, especially related to Atopy, I remembered this medicine:
SPL as a specific-pathogen immune stimulant  From 20 years ago. Still going strong.
I was going to see if it was an inexpensive “try” but first I thought I’d see if the subject dog was already symptom-free.
As an aside; one of my clients is participating in a study that sheds light on the diseased immune system;
The above dog has bowel and skin issues. Germs missing in the belly seem to be the cause. The plan is to replace missing germs and observe a cure. Hopefully.
Here’s another case they had, more closely related to your dog’s chronic skin symptoms:
And to wrap up my email; most animalbiome cases are concluding with the advice to feed raw meat. They have shown that feeding raw grows the “good germs” that most “skin cases” are missing.
Which (it seems to me) is just the explanation for why all those ‘lunatics’ who have fed raw for the last 20 years claim their dog’s skin and bowel go ‘perfect’ on it.
So, lest any of my patients should wander into the world of raw without proper protection from scurvy, rickets and  kidney failure; I spent a whole week on this:

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