Alpha Casozepine (A hydrolyzate of bovine milk protein) Anxiolytic – Zylkene

Clinicians’ Notes and Several Articles From Reliable Sources In One Document

Alpha Casozepine is a refined protein from milk. It seems to bind to receptors that normally would bind Valium. It’s one of the more stable proteins in milk, tending to get through the digestive tract intact. It’s really good at reducing anxiety in horses, rats, cats and even dogs. It’s been made into a food by a dog food company, but it’s available in a ‘pill’ or chewable for pets. Zylkene

It works on the benzodiazepine (diazepam) receptors of a person or dog’s brain, and is reportedly effective. Above all, it’s very safe and can be used in conjunction with whatever else we’re going to try that may not be working 100%.  What I’d like to see, is a decent source of alpha-casozepine that isn’t marked up sky-high by marketing weasels.  🙂  We’re working on this.

When dosing cats –  it’s 15mg per kilogram of cat. That means the average cat about 10 pounds would get roughly 70-75 mg per day.

They tested the actual diet with the Alpha-casozepine milled into it. It worked on cats put in an unfamiliar environment, but the cats could still get pretty freaked out about a stranger. 

What’s this for people? Well the active is called “Lactium” and that’s the alpha-casozepine used in almost everyone elses’ products. Zylkene is made with Lactium or is sourced from Lactium

Life Extensions Magazine did a write up that was pretty well bibliographed, in 2011, Here it is. 

Here’s an article:  Round Table Discussion of Anxiety and Its Management For Vets

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