A Dog Trainer One of My Customers Liked

A Dog Trainer One of My Customers Liked

The circumstances of this encounter with this capable trainer were a very young dog in a ‘tug of war’ for alpha with a soft-spoken new dog owner. Between this owner, this dog and Carlos Mendez, they got very good results but it wasn’t easy. To be honest, my client is a kind woman without a natural tendency to be firm, like, REALLY firm. That took some doing.

So, among several of my recommendations for training*, this one is a good one to consider.

Carlos Mendez (K9 professionals) http://thek9professional.com

carlos@thek9professional.com or call him:  678-663-0773

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We are located at 1324 W DOORSRELL ST ATLANTA, GA

“K-9 Express has been training dogs for more than 20 years and has been featured as a dog training specialist on CNN, PBS, and Fox Network. The company was first established in Brooklyn, New York, in 1995, and has developed into a mature, multi-dimensional, dog training organization. We offer dog training that encompasses various levels of obedience and commands through positive and negative reinforcement. We feel it is vitally important to train the dog in a home environment under actual real life conditions (not a kennel or controlled environment) and personalized to the exact needs of the parent. We then transition the dog into its own home environment.”

Doc: And they did. She had stayed with Carlos for like, 6 weeks and when she came home she was happy, well adjusted and really: “A different dog”  –  then after a week with the owner, she’d started to kind of “wonder” who the boss was after all and so they took a little time to toughen my client up. “You have to be firm”.

All is well now.

*So about how much does all that cost? Well I don’t set the prices and you can bet they’re subject to change based on a mess of factors including “how bad is the dog” and “what’s it gonna take to fix this” – –  but there’s one kind of training that’s $2,000.oo or there’s a method with like, ten visits that’s only $500.oo  –  with most of my customers choosing the “considerably easier” higher priced avenue.

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