175 Pound Dog With Chronic Skin Infections and Atopy That Would Do Well On Raw Diet

So he has some Atopic and other chronic skin conditions.
We sent home some Chlorhexidine to mix up and spray on. It’s easy and it works pretty well.
We talked about RAW DIET  –
Here’s a book about it (Free)
Here’s my research notes
Here’s the diet based on chicken and flank steak
Here’s the diet based on chicken and beef heart
Sal-3 Soap would be great on his chin and jaw. Just a wet rag and the soap – suds up the rag and scrub the jaw / chin and infected areas. “”Rinse” with a wet washcloth with plain water.
Multivitamin – 2 tabs per day
Reduce his food to 5 & 1/2 cup per day – divided into 2 & 3/4 cups twice a day.

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