Check out this document:  WEIGHT LOSS IN DOGS – PDF download

Use this feeding chart to feed your dog to the weight you want him or her to be.

Simple:   Use Costco Kirkland’s Healthy Weight fed twice a day at the “dose” on the chart and offer green beans alongside if you think your dog needs more bulk.

  • You can add anything to the diet you want, and it will fail.
  • You can change foods “because he doesn’t like the Costco Healthy Weight” and it will fail.
  • You can give carbohydrate rich treats alongside the diet from the table and it will fail.
  • I’ve come to accept that most people don’t diet their dogs, honestly.

They’re just okay with what happens to the back, hips and knees down the road. A lot of the lip service given to longevity and hopes thereof among the average owner never translate into lifestyle changes for the dog. And that’s okay. I just decided to stop wasting paper on “handouts” which are (40-50% of the time!!) forgotten at the counter up front at checkout. People aren’t serious and that’s okay. It goes to expectations and truly how much one is willing to put into a dog to keep it around the longest possible time.

Doc Johnson

Check out this document:  WEIGHT LOSS IN DOGS – PDF download

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