There is so much stupid stuff out there.

There is so much stupid stuff out there I was just on a website doing a little bit of reading about raw diet. Now, there’s an area with stupid written all over it. There is so much good science behind feeding raw, it makes me shake my head, why so many people would write so much stupid stuff about it. But that is not the point of this commentary. What I am referring to are blog posts regarding vaccinations. Posts that are based entirely on what people read. “I have read that one out of three dogs has a reaction to their vaccinations that may include kidney failure“ What that means, Is that a half a degree fever may occur in 30% of dogs, a much smaller percentage may have tenderness at the site of the injection, and one in 10,000 will have a reaction that shuts the kidneys down. But you wouldn’t get that from that one sentence in some real estate agent turned dog breeders little blog. What actually triggered this post was a website that was talking about leptospirosis vaccination, five reasons why you shouldn’t do it. What is stupid about that, is that leptospirosis is contagious to people. So it is irresponsible to write an article that discourages immunization for that. The article cites extremely rare if not “Once in a career” reactions to leptospirosis vaccine as if they are common place. Sadly, the author does not even know how common those reactions are – it’s just taken out of context in what she read on the Internet. Finally, the article talks about five reasons not to vaccinate for leptospirosis but never mentions the reasons for vaccinating for leptospirosis. But people will read that article, they will pick up on the flavor of the article, and their dog may die of Lepto while it infects their family. Don’t get me wrong, I only recommend leptospirosis vaccination for a small minority of dogs. But that’s not based on a retarded article on some dog breeder site. That’s actually based on what I’ve SEEN in practice. And that is my point. I’ve SEEN what diseases do. I’ve seen the dogs that catch those diseases. I’ve seen the dogs that are vaccinated against those diseases who are NOT getting those diseases. In other words, the vaccinations work. But even then, there are articles being written about Parvo that say that it is non-fatal. (They mean, to adult vaccinated dogs but they don’t know enough to qualify that!) Ignoring the fact that to puppies, it is fatal quite often. To recommend that the owner of an adult dog not vaccinate against parvovirus because it is not fatal, and more uncommon in the adult dog cohort, either puts the owner to frivolous expense on titers, or leaves them cleaning up bloody diarrhea for several days when the dog is exposed to a hot strain of parvovirus. There is a thing called “popular belief“ and it is loosely based on some science that has been interpreted (pieced together) by a newspaper journalist, as assembled from numerous excellent articles but without the experience of clinical practice to make certain facts more or less relevant. Again, it is what a professional has seen rather than what they have read.
Once a dog breeder, human pharmacist or other overnight expert has decided that all vaccinations are bad for dogs, there is no exposure to proper science to help them understand that you can’t use words like “always”, or “never”, with regards to a technology that broad. They lack the education and discernment to realize that there are too many factors In vaccination, virology, even the development of an immune response among a myriad of different ages and breeds of patients, to use terms as absolute as “always” and “never”. But once these “experts” have made a decision they stop reading. No new science, or research gets into their head. Only tidbits and anecdotes that support their belief that they can magnify into another blog post that proves once again how knowledgeable and advanced they are compared to every Ignorant, poorly trained PhD and professor. in five overlapping scientific disciplines who are actually doing the research they are sampling like a tray of hors d’oeuvres.
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