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On that page there are tons of resources including the basic studies I based my diet on.
Some discussion about the fact and fiction I encountered.
The most common ball drops in the arena of raw diet are:
Poor meat choices (hamburger for example)
Too much calcium (more than 1/2 to1 complete egg shell)
Not enough fiber (Needs 3% or around that) (Fiber source in my diet recipe is a prebiotic / soluble fiber source)
Not enough carbohydrate (Yogurt also provides probiotics)
Leaving bones in, is at your own risk. I mean, I support it. But still, it kind of freaks me out to leave bones in.
Attached’s the Flank Steak formulation – which uses more chicken than Flank steak but the red meat matters. There’s a chart at the bottom with the weight of the dog, and how many times to multiply the diet to make a weeks worth.
And the last:  A MUST SEE 

Author: Doc Johnson

Dr Erik johnson has been a veterinarian since 1991 and owned Johnson Veterinary Services since 1996. He has been a lecturer at University of Georgia and has authored four popular text books on Ornamental Fish Health. He is the father of three kids who are grown and out of the house thank god.

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