Google and the AVMA Say I Should Immunize Every Three Years

It’s fine with me. Vaccinations are just “risk management” right?

Some people grab onto the concept of the savings in skipping two years of immunizations. Cost is usually the reason and it needs to be justified by science. But it’s not, contrary to popular belief and it’s not that I’m “not catching on” –  it’s facts.

The original research was done at Kansas State University by a professor who tested PARVO and immunized canines against it. Every year he exposed the dogs to a strain of Parvo and every year the dogs spiked a good immune response.

The assessment was that a dog could sustain immunity for three years.

But there were conditions not met in the “world” on Baker Street.

Did it change everything at Kansas State University? Nope. Here is their position on immunizations based on their OWN ACTUAL SCIENCE. 

Did it change everything on NBC and CBS news? Yes, journalists leapt onto the “this is new” bandwagon with all the other vaccine-deniers that are also alive and well on the human side. All we need is a Polio or hepatitis outbreak, or the realization that a LOT of the diarrhea we see every year in dogs is corona virus and parvo virus because CORONA VIRUS WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE STUDY THAT SHIFTED THE ENTIRE VET MEDICAL PARADIGM.

Here’s one that is all “sciencey” from 

It’s 42 pages long and talks about EVERY single virus in every single animal and the duration of immunity. And follows up some of them with: “Over the years, improvements have been attempted, and more potent adjuvants have been used. Several European vaccines now produce high antibody responses that last for up to 1 year ().”

All I’m saying is that YES THERE ARE DISEASES UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES THAT CAN BE IMMUNIZED EVERY THREE YEARS. But it’s a gigantic flaw in the “popular belief” system and the media (including ignorant Veterinarians) that broadened the assertion to ALL diseases of dogs and cats. It’s patently ridiculous.

Only thing is, if you still hold that the world is NOT flat, you’re “not catching on” or you’re crazy, or you’re playing at something.

Here’s the NBC News release that started it all. This type of article WITH NO CITABLE RESEARCH –  AT ALL –  changed a paradigm in veterinary medicine.

The expert for NBC was Dr Jean Dodds, (Canadian Vet School class of 1964 not a typo) whose research has almost always led to a private sector business she operated. Hemopet is such an example which is regarded as almost altruistic and with decent research however this is not the case. See below.

Source of the following: Here


As far as Dr. Dodds is concerned, she has certainly made many significant and valuable contributions to veterinary medicine. She is also dedicated to a number of ideas that are absolutely pseudoscientific. She was awarded the honor of Holistic Veterinarian of the Year in 1994, she promotes an unvalidated salivary test for food allergies, and she has been quoted as saying such things as (

“Holistic alternatives and homeopathic remedies can be used in place of standard allopathic treatments for immunologic disorders”

“Bolstering detoxification pathways mediated through the cytochrome P450 system and via conjugation with protective amino acids (glutathiones, cysteine, taurine) is important. Antioxidants including vitamins A, C, D and E, selenium, bioflavonoids and homeopathics are used as biosupport to strengthen the patient’s metabolism and immune system before implementing harsh detoxification regimens (once offending toxicants have been identified by such methods as applied kinesiology, intero- and electrodiagnostics). This author supplements all patients on a weight basis with extra vitamin E (100-400 IU/day), vitamin C in the ester C form (500-1500mg/day), Echinacea with Golden Seal, and garlic, although many other herbal and supportive nutrients also can be used. Animal experiencing adverse vaccine reactions are given Thuja, Lyssin (rabies vaccine) or sulphur. Specific Bach flower remedies are also helpful.”

Dr. Dodds is a perfect example of a smart, educated, well-intentioned person who can both make important contributions to scientific medicine and be completely unscientific about alternative therapies. Her position on vaccines is extreme and in many aspects not at all evidence-based. She claims, for example, that vaccination for parvovirus is “optional” after 14 weeks, when it is well-established than maternal antibodies can interfere with vaccination and leave animals vulnerable up to 16-20 weeks, and she promotes fears about “vaccinosis” and other supposed vaccine adverse effects that wre not supported by real science. While many of her recommendations are reasonable, some are not, and she undoubtedly supports some kinds of pseudoscientific nonsense like homeopathy and Bach flower therapy, so I think that has to be considered in any evaluation of her contributions to the profession, along with the unqeustionably valuable work she has done.

More on the “science” of Dr Jean Dodds (14 pages)

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