Thank you for taking the time to gather this email address. You are WELCOME to use this email and if I’ve given you this link, I INTEND for you to use it if needed.

General Terms and Conditions

This email is so that my clients can ask questions regarding an on-going case, follow up on an on-going case, send a picture or video of an on-going case, or get help with an on-going case from home.

This email is not intended to open a new case, or get emergency advice or information, and the reason is, I typically need my records in front of me, or have the case fresh in my mind. Also, I may not see your email right away, and relying upon email for help in an emergency situation could cause catastrophic delays.

Thank you for being my client. And trusting me with your pet. It means more than you know, both to me, and your pet. I truly am “in their corner” as their biggest advocate and shepherd to the longest comfortable life possible, with your help.